Trax 2G is the most efficient solution, offering extended battery life, great coverage in all 2G supported countries, and all the new G+ features at a reasonable price. 2G has the most widespread network in the world, supported by mobile operators in Europe, Latin America, Middle East, most of Asia and USA. Trax G+ 2G is supported in the US under the 2G T-Mobile network coverage.

Trax 3G model offers the best network coverage in all supported countries, using both 3G & 2G cellular connectivity (2G fallback). Trax 3G works almost everywhere in the world. If you're looking for international coverage or you intend to use the product in areas with remote access, this is the right product for you. Supported in the US under T-Mobile and AT&T network coverage.

Trax 4G LTE-M / North America model incorporates the latest technological advancements in terms of connectivity, and offers lower power consumption, optimised data transmission, at lower costs. Trax 4G usage is limited to the 4G LTE-M coverage offered by mobile network operators. Please verify the 4G LTE-M coverage in your area before purchasing the device.




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