About us

Since 2013 TrendMarq imports and distributes innovative products in the Benelux and Germany. Having an experienced and dedicated team, we are able to respond to our customers needs in very short time. We believe in maintaining strong relationships with our customers and suppliers. TrendMarq constantly focuses on identifying innovative products to enhance and expand our range of products and is always on the lookout for potential business partners. We only represent brands with top quality products and we only work with renowned resellers and organisations like for example Bol.com (Benelux), Coolblue (Benelux), Office Centre (former Staples in the Netherlands), Conrad Electronics (Germany/Europe). Our main focus is with distribution directly to the main webshops in the Benelux and Germany. But we also supply regularly to fysical stores like for example Makro/Metro (Benelux/Germany), Kruidvat (1000+ stores Benelux) and Action (1200+ stores Europe).

Your brand and product are special to us!

We are a small company, with a limited portfolio of brands, so we can give all our time, efforts and expertise to those brands we represent. To us, your brand and products are special! You are not just one of the many brands like with other, bigger distributors, but you can be assured of the full support of our senior account manager. We do not aim to represent as many brands as possible, but we aim for a close collaboration with selected companies in which we take pride to work with.


Depending upon the requirements of the brands we represent, we offer different services, like for example:

WEEE registration in Germany

Every electronic product (anything run on electric power, no matter how small the product) must be registered with Stiftung EAR. Please check this official link.
Rules are strict and fines are high. If you have a branch in Germany you can organize a registration by yourself.
If you do not have a fully registered branch office in Germany, you need to:

  • setup a branch in Germany or
  • charge an authorised representative (§ 3 no. 10 ElektroG) established in Germany to represent you with EAR and get you WEEE registration

We can assist you with the 2nd option and even fully take care of the complete process. The costs are not very high, but the process takes at least 3 months.


We participate in national and local exhibitions in the Benelux and Germany in order to promote new products to the specific end-users. 


If you do not have banners or other promotion material in the local language; no problem, we will take care of translation and re-design your material professionally for local promotion.

After sales

End-users can contact us directly for questions/problems in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch. We keep a stock of spare parts and accessories.

Warranty / repairs

Depending on the requirements and needs of each of our partners, we can take care of warranty and repairs.

Please contact us on sales@trendmarq.com for information. We will be more than happy to provide you any information without any obligations from your side.

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