What is the difference between Pocketalk W (Classic) and Pocketalk S (New)

The following are the main differences:

1. The size of the device
The size of the device is more compact. It is the size of a business card. The size of the screen is bigger; before it was 2.4 inches, and now it is 2.8 inches.

2. User-friendliness
You can operate it on just one button. It’s even more straightforward and easier to use.

3. Features
We have added the following new features:
– Translation of characters shot by the camera
– English conversation practice
– Unit conversion
– Display the time of the current location
– Badge collection (collect badges by meetings specific requirements, such as the number of translations and the number of countries visited)
– Select using the national flags when switching languages

4. Communication (in case of SIM embedded model)
Supports more frequency bands, and it has better connections worldwide.

How long does Pocketalk S needs to translate?

It detects the voice, translates and outputs the sound on a real-time basis. It sometimes takes around 5 seconds, depending on the communication environment.

Is there a difference in translations between Pocketalk W and Pocketalk S?

No, the quality is the same.

Is it possible to translate sound from TV or telephone?

Both Pocketalk models do not support digital sounds.
We don’t recommend it.


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